Sitting in the warmth of a public lounge on a rainy winter’s day, I could see wet seats on the patio. This poem was the result of my musing.

Seats in the rain

Will you come and sit?
Take no heed of wind and rain
Nor the icy damp creeping through your clothes
From above and below.
We are adrift in the hostility of winter
Forlorn, unloved, devoid of purpose
Can we not tempt you to rest a while?
Restore to us … identity.

How we long for the lightness of spring
For sun, for love, for renewed purpose
For those who will come and sit upon us
The breeze warm on their winter-dry skin
We sigh in the heat of togetherness
As we tempt you to rest a while
Restore to us … community.

But enough of our desires. What of yours?
Weary of spirit, adrift in loneliness
Joy stolen by unwelcome solitude.
Will you not sit a while and let time heal
That which you mourn?
Take heart, dear friend, for spring will come again.
Restore to you … life.