Today is World Poetry Day, so here is an offering in celebration of poets and writers around the world.


I was born an original

But became a chameleon

Because I felt naked

When so delicately clothed

In the unique shade of me.

        And admiration for the girl

        With the ruler-straight hair

        Made me disdain, and attempt to tame

        My unruly curls.


I was born an original

But followed a path

with approval signposted

by parents and mentors,

designed to make me a copy of them.

        One of the smart ones

        But never top of the class.

        False limitations inviting belief

        That less was definitely more.


I was born an original

And eventually saw

The truth of my life

(With its desire to please others)

Was the loss of myself.

        But it will take all my courage

        To break free of constraints

        And release the voice

        Given uniquely to me.