This rhyming poem was written in response to a poetry prompt ‘In a field’. Google leads to some strange and, occasionally, scarey places when researching for inspitation!


North is north and south is south

In the cradle of Earth’s magnetic field

Since the time of the woolly mammoth

It’s been our precious shield.


Solar wind and cosmic rays

Deflected back into space

But now its strength is ebbing away

We can no longer trust its embrace.


The rocks record the back and forth

And tell of a switch overdue

North will be south and south will be north

Confusing for more than a few.


Experts are quick to reassure

This won’t be the end of the world

The tenacity of life is sure to endure

As our future becomes unfurled.


Should we trust to optimism?

There is no proof they are right

Is it wiser to adopt cynicism

And prepare for a final goodnight?