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Short Stories

Iced gems

On 6th April 2021

The letter from the school is a chastisement. Iced Gems are not considered a suitably nutritional element of a packed lunch. Too sugary. Empty calories. Please do better in future. I crumple the letter and toss it in the bin….

Short Stories

A pen full of puppies

On 14th September 2018

Funny how things come together to create a story. Behind this short tale was a walk in France where I stumbled across a pack of dogs gathered in a pen in a remote farmyard, a sprinkle of Harry Potter style…

Short Stories

The gift of time

On 31st January 2018

Some time ago I spend an afternoon sitting with a friend in a local charity shop. I was surprised by the number of people who came through the door with no intention to buy, but simply seeking human contact. This…