The uninvited guest

On 24th March 2023

Candles scented with honeysuckle. Warm woollen rug softens natural wood floors. Magnolia walls reflecting fresh morning daylight. A snow white sofa singing of wealth. Contrasting cushions positioned just so. An elegant coffee table polished to a rich oak glow. You…


Breadcrumbs of hope

On 13th February 2021

Choose to follow the breadcrumbs of hope scattered by those who refuse to be buried beneath the weight of pessimism and despair. Not always easy to spot, but look close, they are there, waiting to lead you home. Author’s note:…

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Saved by a D minor chord

On 29th January 2021

I fell into silence; allowed it to devour me. Told myself it was better to shed the complexity of language. But, the beauty of a D minor chord slipped through my defences, begging for a companion, pleading for a lyric….



On 22nd January 2021

I am always moving Time says hush. Slumped in darkness, alone on the sofa, a little silence enrobes me. Here I am on hiatus Hush yourself, Father Time. Soon everything will move again, the cymbal of time will ring, and…


The knock

On 2nd January 2021

Be in the moment. Even on the grey rainy days Because a knock may come on the door of your life An opportunity. A moment of change. Sometimes loud. Sometimes as quiet as the beat of your heart. Live a…


The blue door at number two

On 9th December 2020

The people at number two Have painted their front door bright blue It’s causing quite a to do Especially with Great Uncle Hugh He says it’s linked to voodoo And such changes are a taboo “That colour will give us…


The land of the faraway tree

On 16th October 2020

Childhood days spent in a daze in the land of the faraway tree. Turning the pages on future adventures where unread words were golden treasures. Adult days spent in a haze in the land of factual news. Scrolling through pages…


The box

On 28th August 2020

There it is again. The demand that I think outside the box. Like that idea hadn’t occurred to me independently. Instead I needed you to point to the box and shout look there it is. Do you really think my…

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