Reset by grace

On 28th September 2019

Another poem written in response to a prompt. This time it was to write on the topic of ‘Default setting’. The image is courtesy of an artist called Gloria on Pixabay.   My default setting Anger, red raw. Rage at…


Awaiting the flip

On 31st May 2019

This rhyming poem was written in response to a poetry prompt ‘In a field’. Google leads to some strange and, occasionally, scarey places when researching for inspitation!   North is north and south is south In the cradle of Earth’s…


Born an original

On 21st March 2019

Today is World Poetry Day, so here is an offering in celebration of poets and writers around the world.   I was born an original But became a chameleon Because I felt naked When so delicately clothed In the unique…


The life and times of a letter box

On 15th March 2019

When challenged to write a poem on the colour red I recalled a letter box I’d seen embedded in the wall of an old post house in Scotland. I’ve taken liberties with the location to create a rhyme. Hopefully I…


My Father’s workshop

On 2nd March 2019

I am often inspired by everyday things. This poem speaks of the everyday of my childhood, andthe  power of fragrance to carry us back in time. My Father’s workshop Blade slices plank Metal cuts wood Violent yet creative A soft…


Seats in the rain

On 16th February 2019

Sitting in the warmth of a public lounge on a rainy winter’s day, I could see wet seats on the patio. This poem was the result of my musing. Seats in the rain Will you come and sit? Take no…


Through sleeping eyes

On 2nd February 2019

I’ve discovered that poetry can be ‘published’ in many different forms. This particular poem first appeared as part of an exhibition of creative work at a festival. It was written on a large white board in the entrance to the…


It’s a dog’s life

On 25th January 2019

This humourous little poem sprang to life while walking on a beach on the south coast. Love seeing dogs and their owners having fun, but it is an interesting relationship! It’s a dog’s life Is it any wonder dogs think…


Discarded treasures

On 19th January 2019

I adore second-hand bookstores, and I am not surprised they are a popular backdrop for stories at present. There is something magical about stepping into these literary Alladin’s caves. This poem was inspired by both personal experience and also an…


The Inner Battle

On 28th December 2018

This poem, published in What is it to be Human? in 2015, was inspired by an extract from the diary of a woman called Nella written in post-War Britain. She details daily life and particularly the frustration of dealing with…

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