There it is again.
The demand that I think
outside the box.

Like that idea hadn’t occurred to me independently.
Instead I needed you to point to the box
and shout
look there it is.

Do you really think
my vision is limited to
the walls of the box
the floor of the box
the ceiling of the box?

Let me set you straight.

I am thinking outside of the box.
I’m thinking on top of the box.
Inside the darkest corner of the box.
Over the box.
Under the box.

With a degree in mathematics
I can go multi-dimensional.
Ten-dimensional non-box thinking?
Yes, I’ve got it cracked.

And, guess what,
I’m a big fan of science fiction movies too.
So my out-of-the box thinking transports me
to alternative universes
to parallel worlds
to alien planets
where the physical laws of Earth
do not apply.

Also – shush, don’t tell anyone – I can do magic.
Watch closely
I’ll pull a rabbit from the box
or a bunch of paper roses
or anything else you desire.

Now what was it you wanted?
Oh yes, for me to think outside the box.
While I’m responding to your request
(please press three if your problem is box-related)
here’s a question for you.
What box is confining your thinking?