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Saved by a D minor chord

On 29th January 2021

I fell into silence; allowed it to devour me. Told myself it was better to shed the complexity of language. But, the beauty of a D minor chord slipped through my defences, begging for a companion, pleading for a lyric….


The knock

On 2nd January 2021

Be in the moment. Even on the grey rainy days Because a knock may come on the door of your life An opportunity. A moment of change. Sometimes loud. Sometimes as quiet as the beat of your heart. Live a…


The box

On 28th August 2020

There it is again. The demand that I think outside the box. Like that idea hadn’t occurred to me independently. Instead I needed you to point to the box and shout look there it is. Do you really think my…


Dreaming in metaphors

On 24th July 2020

I wrote this sonnet in response to a writing challenge, and drew inspiration from a favourite song by Seal: Kiss from a rose. Does it resonate with you in any way? My love, I dream in coloured metaphors Standing so…


Seats in the rain

On 13th April 2020

Pleased to announce that the paperback version of this anthology of poems is now available on Amazon. Buy now on Amazon UK. Buy now on Amazon US. It is also available on Kindle and also Kindle Unlimited. Do please buy,…


Seats in the Rain

On 13th March 2020

I finally took the plunge and gathered together a number of my poems into an anthology called Seats in the Rain. This collection focuses on identity, community and how we interact with the world around us. I hope some will…

Coffee break chatter

The Gift

On 7th December 2019

I’m thrilled to announce that I’m included amongst the writers who contributed to this anthology of poetry and prose fiction about the big and small gifts of life. Here is the description from Amazon: Inside you will find poems, pictures…


The life and times of a letter box

On 15th March 2019

When challenged to write a poem on the colour red I recalled a letter box I’d seen embedded in the wall of an old post house in Scotland. I’ve taken liberties with the location to create a rhyme. Hopefully I…


My Father’s workshop

On 2nd March 2019

I am often inspired by everyday things. This poem speaks of the everyday of my childhood, andthe  power of fragrance to carry us back in time. My Father’s workshop Blade slices plank Metal cuts wood Violent yet creative A soft…

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