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Reset by grace

On 28th September 2019

Another poem written in response to a prompt. This time it was to write on the topic of ‘Default setting’. The image is courtesy of an artist called Gloria on Pixabay.   My default setting Anger, red raw. Rage at…


Awaiting the flip

On 31st May 2019

This rhyming poem was written in response to a poetry prompt ‘In a field’. Google leads to some strange and, occasionally, scarey places when researching for inspitation!   North is north and south is south In the cradle of Earth’s…


Specimen in an invisible case

On 3rd May 2019

In this post-gender world Some say there are sixty-three types. Others scoff and proclaim just two Holding tight to zebra-style binary stripes.   They mourn for a life that was simple But the labels keep breeding, vicious as darts So…


The life and times of a letter box

On 15th March 2019

When challenged to write a poem on the colour red I recalled a letter box I’d seen embedded in the wall of an old post house in Scotland. I’ve taken liberties with the location to create a rhyme. Hopefully I…


My Father’s workshop

On 2nd March 2019

I am often inspired by everyday things. This poem speaks of the everyday of my childhood, andthe  power of fragrance to carry us back in time. My Father’s workshop Blade slices plank Metal cuts wood Violent yet creative A soft…

Coffee break chatter

Sputnik 1.0

On 6th June 2018

I’m pleased to share the news that my poem ‘Lost in Words’ was published in May in the first of a new series of anthologies called Poetry and Visuals. Published by Sputnik, it features 19 artists and creative writers who…


What is your why?

On 11th May 2018

A few months ago I went to a training day on communications. One of the things that the trainer encouraged us to explore was our personal story – who we are, and what we bring to the world because of…


The washing line

On 4th May 2018

I often find myself fascinated with the stories of every day things. This poem is part of a growing series of pieces on that theme. Why do we choose the clothes we wear? What do hope they say about us?…


Seascape of life

On 9th March 2018

I grew up on the coast of East Anglia. My childhood and teenage years are filled with memories of the beach – long summer evenings, solitary walks, the sting of the sand in the winter wind. Now I live in…


Point of view

On 9th March 2018

On a recent visit to Dallas I was thrilled to see a pelican arrive for breakfast on a nearby lake. I was inspired to write these two haikus – a typical haiku being a three-line observation about a fleeting moment…

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