In 2017, my home city of Milton Keynes celebrated its 50th birthday. A short story competition was part of the celebratory events, with 50 stories being chosen to feature in an anthology called ‘Voices from the Grid‘.

I was thrilled to make the cut with a story called Home Sweet Home. I was also thrilled to recognise a number of author names from a writing group that I belong to and from a small group of writers that I gathered together specifically for this competition.

Of the first group, my heartiest congratulations to Jan Lovell who won first prize and Guy Russell who won third prize in the adult writers section.  Of the second group, well done to those of you who came along to my Short Story workshop, crafted finished stories and made it into the anthology.

Voices from the Grid is available from Community Learning MK, Rivers Centre, Trent Road, West Bletchley, MK3 7BB at a price of £5 per copy. If you can’t get there in person, then you can call them on 01908 556700 to organise a copy by post.

The anthology had a limited print run so don’t miss out. It would make a great Christmas present for any Milton Keynes based book lovers.