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Short Stories

Find a Rainbow Day

On 13th April 2020

When the UK lock down began in March 2020, flash fiction challenges sprung up all over the place. Here is a piece I wrote during an online session with a couple of writing friends. Find a Rainbow Day My best…

Short Stories

Name it, keep it

On 31st January 2020

Would you like to know how Mary Ellen came to own all the snowdrops in the world? It was a gloriously sunny day in February. We were walking along the path that led into town. The one that went through…

Short Stories

Artistic licence

On 12th October 2019

This short story was written in response to a writing prompt ‘The Signature’. The setting sprang from a recent holiday on the Fife coast. I’ve no idea how Terrance sprang from my imagination, but I hope you enjoy this little…

Short Stories

A grand design

On 24th May 2019

This short story was written in response to the single word prompt of ‘Rome’ and the challenge to tell a tale in 1200 words. Hunting around for ideas I was surprised to discover Rome had its very own pyramid built…

Short Stories

A bird in the bush is worth …

On 2nd November 2018

As I suspected the characters of Glenda and Teddy who introduced themselves to me in the short story ‘A very public inconvenience’ have taken on a life of their own. This story was also inspired by a story prompt: distinctive…

Short Stories

Whispers of hope

On 20th April 2018

I visited Vilnius in Lithuania over the Easter weekend. The old town is crammed with churches of many different styles and affiliations. The main tourist drag is also home to a number of small market traders. This short story was…

Short Stories

A very public inconvenience

On 9th March 2018

This short piece of humorous fiction was written in response to a challenge to write 1000 words using the prompt ‘Desperate measures’ I suspect Glenda and Teddy may feature in other stories now they have burst into life.   A…

Coffee break chatter

Voices from the grid

On 12th December 2017

In 2017, my home city of Milton Keynes celebrated its 50th birthday. A short story competition was part of the celebratory events, with 50 stories being chosen to feature in an anthology called ‘Voices from the Grid‘. I was thrilled…