I’m pleased to share the news that my poem ‘Lost in Words’ was published in May in the first of a new series of anthologies called Poetry and Visuals. Published by Sputnik, it features 19 artists and creative writers who explore a wide range of themes: from the delight of an African family meal to the bittersweet joy of tending a garden.

Over the past few months I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being associated with Sputnik. The organisation aims to create a network of artists across all the creative disciplines – artists who are passionate about pursuing excellence in their craft, love sharing their work with others, and who have one thing in common: an active Christian faith. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know two talented people who run a theatre group, and as a result attended a unique evening of brand new work by play writers in Bedford. I’ve met some extremely talented poets who have inspired me to aim higher in my own poetic endeavours. I’ve rubbed shoulders with gifted painters and musicians who have generously shared their hearts and minds with those around them. Most of all I’ve been hugely inspired and encouraged by the passion of Sputnik’s found Jonny Mellor, who is an outstanding champion of the creative arts.

The Poetry and Visual arts is a limited edition coffee table book made available to Sputnik patrons – modern-day supporters of the arts. You can become a patron for as little as £5 per month. In exchange you will receive a great range of benefits plus the enormous satisfaction of knowing you are making a difference to the world of artistic creativity. Check out the details at Sputnik patrons.

Do take a look at the Sputnik website. If you are a creative artist come along to a Sputnik event. If you love to read, listen to music or visit art galleries do please consider becoming a patron. You can help new artists turn their dreams into reality.