I’m thrilled to announce that I’m included amongst the writers who contributed to this anthology of poetry and prose fiction about the big and small gifts of life.

Here is the description from Amazon:

Inside you will find poems, pictures and stories that feature gifts in all guises. Gifts show up here quite literally with pieces about Christmas and birthdays, more tangentially with birth or the end of life, or can be something more esoteric like friendship, freedom, love, and kindness. Whatever you think the Gift means, you will probably find it reflected in one or more of the beautiful pieces within.

The anthology features the work of students who are part of the Write Club Society, the Open University Students Association Affiliated Creative Writing Society. A huge thank you to Alastair Swartz who edited the anthology, and the production team who worked hard behind the scenes.

2019 saw the celebration of the 50th year of The Open University. Having been connected with the OU for almost a decade in both a professional capacity and as a student, the university is close to my heart. I loved its vision to make education available to all. I particularly liked the effort it put into supporting students who faced many challenges in life – from those with physical disibilities to those coping with family circumstances that make campus-based study impossible. So for me, being featured in The Gift is in itself a gift at the end of what has been a very difficult year personally.

So buy a copy or three. It is only £3.50 and stuffed full of great writing. Plus all the proceeds will be donated to OUSET, the Open University Students Educational Trust. This charity does much needed work to help support OU students in times of financial need. The anthology includes some testimonials from students inside that reflect the appreciation they have for OUSET.

The Kindle version is available now – Buy it here.