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Discarded treasures

On 19th January 2019

I adore second-hand bookstores, and I am not surprised they are a popular backdrop for stories at present. There is something magical about stepping into these literary Alladin’s caves. This poem was inspired by both personal experience and also an…

Coffee break chatter

Season of rest

On 8th January 2019

What is your favourite season? In a YouGov survey conducted in November 2016, summer was the most popular season for nearly half of those interviewed (44%). Spring managed to win almost a quarter of the votes (24%). Autumn and winter…


The Inner Battle

On 28th December 2018

This poem, published in What is it to be Human? in 2015, was inspired by an extract from the diary of a woman called Nella written in post-War Britain. She details daily life and particularly the frustration of dealing with…


And then it rained

On 23rd November 2018

I wrote the first version of this poem for a magazine looking for End of the World poems. It didn’t make the cut, and I still think it is a work in progress rather than a finished entity. Let me…

Short Stories

A bird in the bush is worth …

On 2nd November 2018

As I suspected the characters of Glenda and Teddy who introduced themselves to me in the short story ‘A very public inconvenience’ have taken on a life of their own. This story was also inspired by a story prompt: distinctive…

Short Stories

A pen full of puppies

On 14th September 2018

Funny how things come together to create a story. Behind this short tale was a walk in France where I stumbled across a pack of dogs gathered in a pen in a remote farmyard, a sprinkle of Harry Potter style…


The teapot

On 2nd August 2018

I have just returned from walking the Rob Roy Way in Scotland. Passsing through one of the villages I spotted a pretty little teapot sitting on the windowsill of a cottage. This poem was birthed from that momentary glimpse.  …

Coffee break chatter

Sputnik 1.0

On 6th June 2018

I’m pleased to share the news that my poem ‘Lost in Words’ was published in May in the first of a new series of anthologies called Poetry and Visuals. Published by Sputnik, it features 19 artists and creative writers who…


What is your why?

On 11th May 2018

A few months ago I went to a training day on communications. One of the things that the trainer encouraged us to explore was our personal story – who we are, and what we bring to the world because of…

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