Coffee Break Chatter



The weekend

On 17th October 2017

This poem came out of a challenge to use the mundane activities of life as inspiration. I decided to use an unusual layout to reflect the circular action of physically cleaning a bathroom mirror.     I see myself, with…

Short Stories

Welcome to adventure…

On 10th October 2017

I adore novel-length fiction but there is something delicious about short stories. And so, I welcome you to join me in the adventure of a myriad of worlds. Along the way I hope you will meet characters that you would…

Short Stories

Buried treasure

On 30th September 2017

This short tale was written as a response to a writing exercise. The challenge was to write about an old building that had been given a new lease of life , and its history was influencing modern day.    …



On 27th September 2017

While walking in France an elderly lady politely greeted me as we passed on the path. I was struck by the way she infused meaning into such a simple action. This poem came from that chance encounter on a sunny…


Paper never refuses ink

On 15th August 2017

My husband and I toured through Mexico during the summer of 2016. While there we visited a number of Mayan sites. The title of this poem was birthed by a Mayan guide describing the way that history is sealed onto…

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